Arynga: Leader & Innovator in Vehicle Software Management Solutions

Arynga delivers innovative vehicle software management solutions to the automotive industry.  Our flagship product CarSync™, is the most reliable, efficient, and intelligent platform for remotely updating and maintaining vehicle software and firmware.  CarSync ensures the integrity of embedded systems for the lifetime of the vehicle, reducing recall rates caused by software glitches, and in effect, saves vehicle Original Equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and Tier One suppliers time and money, while improving customer satisfaction.

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Vehicle OEMs spend millions on warranty and recall costs each year, with over 50% of recalls attributed to software glitches and electronics defects.
Increased Complexity Real

With increased vehicle software complexity, Arynga is the solution for efficient and cost effective software/firmware updates to vehicle ECUs, eliminating recall and warranty costs due to software malfunctions.

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Arynga is revolutionizing how automotive companies update and maintain vehicle embedded systems with the latest and greatest in software technology.

CarSync is the fastest, safest, most reliable and flexible solution for ensuring software integrity throughout the lifetime of the vehicle.

GeniviWith an initial focus on vehicle telematics and infotainment systems, Arynga, as a member of the GENIVI Alliance, is actively contributing to the ongoing development of the connected car ecosystem.  

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CarSync is the intelligent vehicle software management system, providing a complete end‐to‐end solution for maintaining and distributing firmware/software updates to vehicle ECUs.  Starting from an OEM or Tier One data center, and traversing across the Internet through the CarSync Management System (CMS) and into the CarSync In-vehicle Gateway (CIVG), CarSync maintains, verifies, and subsequently distributes updates into the vehicle’s ECUs.

At a Minimum, CarSync can:

  • CarSyncTrace3Automatically update vehicle software (SOTA) and firmware (FOTA)
  • Reduce warranty and recall costs for OEM’s
  • Derive useful data analytics
  • Enhance driver satisfaction and promote brand loyalty

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